Save up to 50% on your printing costs!

What you can acheive:

  • Significantly reduce print costs

  • Reduce the number of high cost printers

  • Control the production of print & copying

  • Enforce rules as regards colour production

  • Reduce the number of wasted prints

  • Provide secure printing on confidential documents

  • Identify the print and copy costs for each department

Gareth Caulfield Diginet Co-Director
  • Gareth Caulfield


From the moment you make an enquiry, we are there to assist and recommend the best and most cost effective printing solution for your business.

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Fiona and Gareth Caulfield and their team are a pleasure to deal with. Their enthusiasm for our business helps ours to flourish and we are delighted and proud to be supported by DigiNet Business Solutions.

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We can perform a print audit to assess exact savings

Print Audit Survey is a very important exercise for companies who wish to ensure that their printing costs are managed effectively and efficiently.  Digi-Net can help you achieve the following by simply completing a Print Audit Survey in tandem with our Managed Print Service Solutions

So if you are spending too much on printer consumables (and remember that laser and inkjet printers are usually purchased due to their low capital cost and very little thought given to the overall running cost), then avail of our FREE no obligation Print Audit.  We will evaluation your current printers usage, running costs, and functionality.  Take back control of your printer usage!

Our dedicated Print Audit consultants can analyse the true cost of your document production and highlight areas of cost savings and provide an increase in productivity and print control.