Teaching Assistant (UTAX)

UTAX HyPAS Apps - Teaching Assistant

Save time with the DigiNet Teaching Assistant-Automated Marking Application. Streamline the task of printing, grading and analysing multiple-choice tests with the DigiNet Teaching Assistant-Automated Marking Application “Teaching Assistant” which is an automated marking application, is available on ALL MFPs from DigiNet. Teachers can now streamline the task of grading, printing and analysing MCQs with the Teaching Assistant-Automated Marking Application.


utax hypas


  • Transforms UTAX MFPs into an on-demand test printing, grading and analysis hub
  • Increases productivity by enabling teachers to quickly create/print/grade/analyse multiple choice tests
  • Automated grading improves accuracy with human error virtually eliminated
  • Provides teachers with at-a-glance feedback on how students performed, with detailed reports including bar graphs, histograms and test statistics
  • On-demand testing capability enables teachers to monitor student comprehension with greater accuracy
  • Increases turnaround on individual test results, allowing extra support to be provided sooner rather than later
  • Lowers costs by using standard paper rather than pre-printed systems
  • Test results are available in PDF or Excel CSV formats

These apps are very cost effective and sit on the device for seamless workflow.

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