Ricoh Card Authentication Package

Secure access and distribution
In addition to improving overall security, our Card Authentication Package improves efficiency by enabling job logging and the tracking of confidential documents.

Ricoh’s Card Authentication Package (CAP) can integrate seamlessly with your existing ID card security system. The simple ‘swipe-and-go’ authentication is fast and secure, eliminating the need for users to remember additional login names and passwords.

Control Costs
Costs can be controlled by limiting access to Copy, Print, Fax Scan and Document Server functions using the ID Cards. Ricoh MFP usage by volume and colour can also be monitored to enable informed decisions to reduce document output costs.

Ricoh’s Card Authentication Package is available as an embedded solution suitable for up to 500 users and an enterprise-level Server version for larger companies, so everyone can now afford to strengthen their document security.

The Card Authentication Package CAP can be used with GlobalScan NX to provide more security when scanning.

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Control access to your Ricoh multifunction printer functions with convenient ‘swipe-and-go’ ID card authentication