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docQmanager the core product module, provides simple but powerful production print queue management for both CRD functions and IT Data Centre variable data printing.

Choose from these efficient docQmanager modules to optimise your workflow: docQticket and docQform.

  • Fully configurable job tickets. You can attach a fully customised ticket to your print job detailing the finishing and delivery instructions with the docQticket module. As well as defining settings, a job ticket can also display postal requirements to the print shop. The layout and format of the ticket, including graphics and logos, can be designed to meet departmental needs.
  • User-friendly ticketing. docQticket can address any Windows® printer allowing you to manage heterogeneous printer populations.To finish your jobs in an IT print room or CRD you just choose job ticketing as the locally defined print

    queue and the print server returns the ticket for you to fill in and send.
  • Variable data forms. With the docQform module you can

    automatically merge variable data into a pre-formatted document. No embedded codes must be inserted; the correct format is triggered automatically to save time and optimise your productivity.
  • Simple and dynamic forms design. No lengthy training/retraining is needed using docQform because layouts are created with Microsoft® Word. You can include signatures, logos, graphics etc. to create exciting, professional-looking mailings, invoice runs and general forms. Once stored on the server, the designs are automatically triggered – no operator intervention required.

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Simple, powerful, module-based production print queue management for Central Reprographics Department functions and IT Data Centre variable data printing.