Ricoh FlexRelease Server

Cost Efficient
Gain all the efficiency and cost benefits of shared, centralized MFPs without compromising document security or user convenience.

Streamline business processes
FlexRelease Server provides a convenient printing environment for employees who often travel among different offices. It also benefits users in an office who need printing from near a meeting room or who need to avoid waiting for long line of prints by choosing another device.

There is no need to install many printer drivers, FlexRelease Server allows users to simply press print and later choose where they wish to pick up their print from.

The convenience and flexibility for users is increased when FlexRelease Server is used in conjunction with Card Authentication Package; users simply have to swipe or touch their card to pick up their print securely.

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FlexRelease Server allows secure printing to follow the authorised user anywhere in the organisation, including remote locations such as branch offices.