Ricoh InfoPrint Font Collection

A basic set of fonts in three technologies that can be used in creating Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) applications:

  • AFP raster fonts in 240 and 300 dots per inch
  • AFP outline fonts
  • TrueType/Open Type fonts

Continue to utilise applications that specify raster fonts, and low-resolution printers that use raster fonts. Improve output quality with the use of AFP outline fonts. Simplify your migration to TrueType/OpenType technology by working with a starter set of fonts.

Compatibility with our software

Improve print quality on high-resolution printers by using AFP or TrueType/OpenType outline fonts instead of raster fonts. Software solutions such as InfoPrint Manager and InfoPrint ProcessDirector, and newer 600- or 1200 dots-per-inch printers, can help automatically substitute equivalent AFP outline fonts for raster fonts if there is an outline font by the same name as the raster font.

Minimum hardware requirements:

IBM® System p or x servers capable of running InfoPrint Manager or InfoPrint ProcessDirector.

Software requirements:

The InfoPrint Font Collection can be installed and used on any AIX, Windows or Linux system platform supported by current releases of InfoPrint Manager and InfoPrint ProcessDirector.

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The InfoPrint® Font Collection consists of character sets and Advanced Function Presentation™ code pages that let you print standard using familiar typefaces.