Ricoh MarketDirect Cross Media Software


  • Offer marketing services via easy-to-use online cross media portals
  • A single solution that integrates web, email, social media, mobile and print
  • Blend print and digital assets within an integrated campaign to achieve the best media mix/ impact
  • Deliver highly personalised and customised campaigns and marketing materials
  • A fast and easy way for clients to customize and execute sophisticated campaigns without significant IT investment, training or creative work
  • Specialised campaign workflow tools accurately control responders, non-responders and help analyse and react to campaign analytics
  • Test and refine campaigns before executing them


  • Differentiate your business and position yourself as a complete marketing services provider from design > production > execution > analytics
  • Provides a tool that eases clients day to day marketing and sales challenges, streamlines digital marketing campaigns and improves their impact
  • Helps link print and digital media to deliver successful targeted campaigns
  • Allow your clients to increase response rates via personalised and relevant marketing materials and integrated cross media campaigns
  • Customer retention, growth and improved profit margins for you and your clients
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MarketDirect Cross Media® is all-in-one design software that lets you create, personalise and automate marketing for your clients.