Ricoh OL Connect


  • Complete automated business communication solution 
  • Modular and scalable to meet demanding productivity requirements. 
  • Single design tool for print or HTML output templates 
  • DataMapper tool lets you extract and map data from databases, text files (XML, CSV, TXT), print streams and PDF files to produce personalised communications 
  • Transform from virtually any input format to a wide range of output formats including PDF, HTML and AFP (requires specific products / options) 
  • Re-engineer legacy data / documents 
  • Automate processes, based on triggers such as a customer click in an email, text messages, and QR code scan 
  • Vendor and device agnostic for easy integration. 


  • Open connectivity and file format support allows easy integration 
  • Update existing systems, workflows with minimum disruption & investment 
  • Produce graphically rich customer communications dynamically formatted for print or online viewing on desktop / tablets / mobile 
  • Drive response rates and improve customer satisfaction 
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Automate business communications and paper based business processes whilst protecting existing IT investments and infrastructure.