Ricoh RICOH Print Management Cloud

Modernise your print infrastructure
Use RICOH Print Management Cloud to modernise your print infrastructure in a way that suits your organisation, provides end-users with hassle free printing and is in-line with wider cloud strategies, confident that it has the flexibility to accommodate your needs now and in the future.
Make your printing contactless
As the world slowly returns to a new normal, businesses are focused on making their workplaces COVID-secure.
New guidelines recommend limiting or restricting use of high-touch items and equipment such as printers and MFPs.
RICOH Print Management Cloud enables end-users to seamlessly and safely print without touching the printer or multifunctional device’s control panel.
Take print to the cloud. It’s just simpler
Managing printers across multiple locations can be frustrating for both IT and end-users.
Struggling to keep up with helpdesk calls from users working across different offices or departments who can’t connect to a printer?
RICOH Print Management Cloud has the ability to set location-aware printers, enabling users to seamlessly and securely access a printer, regardless of network or location.
Eliminate multiple print drivers
RICOH Print Management Cloud allows users to eliminate multiple print drivers, making it possible for everyone to print to any device.
The legacy model of one printer, one driver, is a headache for IT – from installing devices, helping end-users to connect to printers, or updating multiple print drivers across the organisation.
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Streamline your print infrastructure, eliminate print servers and leverage the benefits of cloud technology.