Ricoh IS330DC

Scanners have become indispensable in the modern enterprise. Whether your organisation is a bank, an insurance company, tracking enterprise, legal or publishing firm, the odds are that you are already using – or thinking about it – an electronic filing, messaging or document management system to manage the knowledge within your company. The success of these systems depends heavily on your capability to feed them with not only digitally generated content, but with incoming paper-based documents as well. Enter the AficioTM Color Scanner IS330DC, the eyes of your filing or document management system. The AficioTM Color Scanner IS330DC is a high-speed, high-quality A3 scanner with built-in duplex, supporting full-colour. It serves mission-critical environments where paper-based documents are turned into digital files that can be indexed, mined, reused and filed electronically. It allows you to apply the power of your digital systems to paper documents. The AficioTM Color Scanner IS330DC can be used both as stand-alone scanning station for departments of 10 to 30 people, or it can be used as a network scanner sitting ready to scan documents remotely from anywhere in your organisation.

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