How Managed Print Services Can Save Your Business Money

How Managed Print Services Can Save Your Business Money

Managed Print Services – An Effective Long-Term Strategy To Save Your Business Money Through Systematic Print Management Choices

The digital era has constantly offered businesses a myriad of benefits and solutions, and Managed Print Services (MPS) is one of the choices businesses often opt for to reduce their printing and operational costs. This wholesome and holistic document management strategy involves tweaking and correcting your firm’s printing infrastructure, right from hardware to software and ordering supplies. 

The business sector has seen an increased demand for MPS in the last decade as companies have started to realize the potential for cutting costs while increasing output through a streamlined print environment. For businesses struggling with rising printing costs or inefficient workflows, MPS can be the answer to their woes. 

To enroll for the benefits offered by MPS, companies must source a vendor who they can partner with. The vendor typically asses the company’s requirements and design a customized print strategy to fulfill their specific needs. Using technology and best practices, MPS vendors can help businesses reduce waste, optimize workflows, and improve document security while cutting costs almost immediately. 

The following paragraphs will give you insight into the many benefits of adopting an MPS system for your organization and help you understand how this technology can help you save money starting now.

Managed Print Services Is A Streamlined Solution for A Stable Print Environment that Enhances Overall Productivity 

As a business owner, you can attest that printing is an essential part of any business, but it is often costly and not always done effectively. The best and simplest solution is for companies to turn to managed print services as a long-term solution. 

Managed Print Solutions offer companies various benefits, that include cost savings, improved efficiency, and a significantly reduced environmental impact. MPS ensures that your company’s printing infrastructure is set up efficiently, and maintained regularly while you always have the needed resources to print efficiently. It prevents wasteful, disorganized, and ineffective printing practices. 

Reliable MPS vendors offer expert guidance and support to ensure that all printing processes are streamlined and optimized for maximum efficiency. Many companies lose track of how much they spend on printing each year or what documents are being printed unnecessarily, MPS prevents wasteful printing.

An MPS provider can conduct an audit of a company’s printing practices to identify key areas where costs can be cut significantly. Your MPS vendor might recommend double-sided printing or restricting color printing only for essential documents. Your vendor might also help you understand how to use toner and print cartridges effectively and offer you other solutions to help your company significantly reduce your overall print costs.

MPS Is A Customized Print Management Solution To Optimize Workflow

Managed print services are highly customizable and many vendors also offer to you scale as you grow packages that work out affordable and practical for small to medium-sized businesses. Customizing your printing plan can ensure significant cost savings, as unnecessary printing can be avoided and more efficient printing practices can be used company-wide. 

A free print audit is usually offered to ensure that the managed print services provider can identify key areas where improvements can be made and develop a tailored strategy to meet your specific business requirements.

One way that managed print services providers customize print strategies is by implementing rules-based printing through user profiles, workflows, and other automated services. This may also involve setting up rules that dictate how documents are printed based on factors such as document type, user, and time of day.

Your vendor might also recommend that your company choose to automatically route all black-and-white documents to a less expensive printer or limit the number of color prints allowed per user per day. Rules-based printing can not only save money by reducing waste but also improve security by ensuring confidential information is only printed on secure devices, and this directly ensures print security which is a must for many businesses. 

Another way that managed print services providers customize print strategies is through the use of software solutions, including document management systems and mobile printing apps. These strategies can streamline workflows and reduce paper usage and are ideal solutions for many sectors including educational institutes.

MPS Document management systems allow remote access to authorized users when they want to access digital documents from any device, reducing the need for physical copies. Mobile printing apps enable employees to print from their smartphones or tablets, which can reduce the need for desktop printers which in turn frees up office space and valuable resources.

Managed Print Services Can Help You Achieve These Goals:

  • A customized print strategy with managed print services can lead to significant cost savings
  • Tailor-made strategies increase efficiency and security through streamlined workflows and remote access for authorized users. 
  • Analyzing your current print environment and implementing rules-based printing can reduce costs,
  • By utilizing software solutions, you can increase output while freeing up office space and resources. 

Your MPS Provider Can Reduce Printer Costs, Printer Problems, and Downtime

By outsourcing print management to a reliable vendor such as Digi Net, businesses can save on printing costs and improve their overall environmental impact. This can be done through the following methods, and additional methods may be offered by your chosen vendor after he analyses your company’s needs. 

  • By eliminating unnecessary printing through print management software by tracking all print jobs for higher efficiency. 
  • Identifying the areas of waste and adjusting print settings, to reduce your printing costs.
  • Through the use of energy-efficient equipment such as Energy Star certified printers that consume less energy than traditional printers, resulting in lower electricity bills.
  • With the help of regular maintenance and upkeep for equipment, your vendor can prevent last-minute expensive repairs and subsequent downtime-related issues.
  • By implementing managed print services, businesses can not only save on printing costs but also contribute to a more sustainable future by reducing their environmental impact.

Optimizing Workflows And Improving Document Security

Optimizing workflows and improving document security are two key benefits of managed print services. By analyzing your company’s printing habits, MPS providers can identify areas where workflow processes can be streamlined and optimized for greater efficiency. This can be done through implementing digital workflows, electronic forms, and automated document routing, to reduce manual errors that occur regularly. 

Additionally, MPS can also improve document security and ensure that your company is compliant with data protection regulations. Your chosen MPS vendor will offer you strategies such as user authentication, encryption, and secured release printing to eliminate unauthorized access to sensitive documents.

These strategies can help you reduce costs in the long run by avoiding costly data breaches or compliance violations.

Long-Term Managed Print Services Benefits For Cost Savings 

As a business owner, the financial aspect of your company is a top priority. Implementing Managed Print Services can ensure that you save money, by reducing printing costs by as much as 30%. Yes, while the initial cost of implementing MPS may seem daunting, it is a wise investment that often pays for itself through a lifetime of accumulated savings. Listed here are the key strategies that your chosen MPS vendor might use to help you save resources. 

  • By optimizing your printer fleet your MPS provider can assess your current printers and recommend which ones to keep and which ones to replace with more efficient models. This works by primarily reducing energy consumption as well as subsequent maintenance costs.
  • A reliable MPS provider can implement automated rules for printing practices within your firm. Such rules might include but are not limited to setting limits on color printing and double-sided printing, reducing paper waste, toner cartridge usage, and printer ink usage.
  • Your vendor might also streamline document management processes by digitizing and storing them in a central location for easy access and sharing among authorized employees. This strategy significantly reduces the need for multiple physical copies of documents and also reduces storage costs.
  • Digital document management allows for effective tracking and monitoring of document usage, resulting in reduced waste and increased efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About MPS Printer Fleets

How Does The Cost Of Managed Print Services Compare To Traditional Printing Methods?

The cost of managed print services (MPS) is typically lower than traditional printing methods.

Using data analytics to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions such as consolidating printers, automating workflows, and implementing print policies, MPS can ensure reduced paper usage, lower energy consumption, and decreased supply costs.

The long-term savings can outweigh the initial setup expenses. Additionally, MPS providers such as Digi Net often offer flexible pricing options based on usage and volume which can result in additional savings for businesses.

Can Managed Print Services Be Customized To Fit The Unique Needs Of My Business?

Managed print services can be customized to fit the unique needs of any business in any sector around the world. 

You can choose the type of printing equipment your company needs, and you can also decide on the level of support you require from your vendor. Additionally, vendors such as Digi Net often conduct a thorough assessment of a company’s printing needs before providing a quote, through a free Print Audit, which helps ensure that your business only pays for what you need.

How Do Managed Print Services Help To Improve Document Security?

Secure printing, document encryption, and user authentication are a few of the ways that MPS vendors can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Your vendor can also ensure that your business can track and monitor all printing activities, including who printed which document and at what time and date. This helps to identify potential security breaches and take necessary actions to mitigate them.

Managed print services can help businesses comply with data privacy regulations by ensuring that confidential documents are handled securely from the start until the end of the document’s life cycle. 

Will Managed Print Services Require Significant Changes To My Current Printing Infrastructure?

While implementing MPS may require some changes to your current printing infrastructure, it ultimately streamlines and centralizes your printing needs by streamlining the entire print-related operations. This leads to cost savings and improved efficiency in the long run. 

How Do I Measure The Success And Cost Savings Of Implementing Managed Print Services In My Business?

The key factors to measure the success and cost savings of MPS are mentioned below: 

  • Evaluating the reduction in printing costs, including paper waste, ink/toner usage, and energy consumption.
  • Recording increased productivity by reduced downtime caused by printer malfunctions or maintenance issues.
  • Tracking the number of support calls to IT for printer-related problems can provide insight into the effectiveness of MPS.
  • Utilizing data analytics tools to help monitor print usage and identify areas for optimization.

Conclusion – Managed Print Solution Can Save Your Company’s Resources Efficiently 

The implementation of Managed Print Services (MPS) in businesses has been on the rise in recent years due to its potential for cost savings. Research and various studies indicate that companies can save up to 30% on printing costs by switching to MPS within as less as a few months from the setup date. This technology reduces waste and optimizes printing processes. Your MPS provider can tailor their services to match the specific needs of your business, ensuring optimal efficiency.

MPS also offers enhanced document security through features such as user authentication and encryption. These measures protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or theft.

Despite the benefits, some businesses may be hesitant to adopt MPS due to concerns about significant changes to their existing infrastructure. However, most MPS providers work with existing equipment and systems, minimizing disruption. An MPS transition program to help your employees understand the various benefits of using this technology is a great way to get your team onboard and with minimal issues with the transition. 

Choosing An MPS Vendor To Help Reduce Costs While Enhancing Productivity

Digi Net has been a MPS provider for over 2 decades and we have helped numerous companies across Ireland improve productivity while reducing operational costs. Partnering with a Managed Print Provider can be a delightful experience and we at Digi Net are here to answer any questions that you might have. Contact us now to know more. 

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