Ricoh wins BLI Award from Keypoint Intelligence for A3 multifunction device series

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Ricoh Europe, London, 17 January 2022 – Ricoh is once again celebrating Keypoint Intelligence’s seal of approval having won a Buyers Lab (BLI) Winter 2022 Pick Award for its Ricoh IM 2500 Series, including its A3 intelligent black & white multifunction device, the Ricoh IM 2500(A).

Awarded twice a year, BLI Pick Awards acknowledge the office equipment and products that scored highest in Keypoint Intelligence’s extensive lab tests over the previous six months. The Ricoh IM 2500 Series was declared the winning device for Outstanding 25-ppm A3 MFP.

Each device in the series features:

Always Current Technology to provide users with access to the latest apps, features, and upgrades
Smart Integration Platform for cloud-based apps and document workflow integration across multiple devices
Intuitive Smart Operation Panel to make devices quick and easy, while ensuring workflows are more intuitive
Smart Device Connector so all print, copy, scan, and fax functions can be controlled safely from Android and iOS devices

Pete Emory, Director of Research & Lab Services, Keypoint Intelligence, says: “This batch of BLI A3 Pick Award winners earned the accolades by delivering consistently impressive performances throughout testing. From strong or flawless reliability to the type of usability that any user would appreciate, these eight devices will meet or exceed the needs of their target market. What’s more, with the types of features that are required for today’s connected workforce, such as cloud/mobile capabilities and software-readiness, our Winter 2022 A3 Pick recipients are perfect for the present and have staying power into the future.”

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